Standard PDXpert PLM client setup

Install the system (server) before you install the remote client application.

Applies to PDXpert PLM software release 7.0 or later, on Windows 7 or later.

The PDXpertClientSetup.exe installation program installs the PDXpert client, which provides a unified interface for (a) setting system options, rules, metadata collections, and other configuration details, and (b) creating and managing documents, parts, changes and file attachments. The installer may also include other supporting components.

Preparing your workstation computer

  • Ensure that your workstation computer conforms to the client system requirements.
  • Before proceeding with the installation, you must install the latest Windows and .NET service packs and critical updates from Windows Update.
  • If you intend to import or export data in Microsoft Office formats like Excel or Access, and you don't have Microsoft Office installed, you must install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable. This package can be downloaded from:

Installation procedure

The PDXpert client application requires Windows administrator level permissions to install prerequisites such as the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET installer requires Windows administrator permissions to run. If the PDXpert installer doesn't run as expected, first install the required .NET version, and then run the PDXpert client setup.

If you're installing PDXpert as a single-user system, then you don't need to install the PDXpert client. The client application has already been installed during the system setup.

To install the PDXpert client application, do one of the following:

  • If email notifications have been configured, then new users can receive an email with the account username and password, and software download link. See the Creating a new user account help topic.

  • The PDXpert Application Server window displays an http://client/setup download link. Copy the link, send it to the client computer, and download the installer in a web browser.

    The link is http://machine:48084/client/setup where machine is the server computer's name or IP address. If the PDXpert Application Server is installed on, say, PLMSERVER then the link is http://PLMSERVER:48084/client/setup

  • The PDXpert client installer (PDXpertClientSetup.exe) can be copied from the PDXpert Application Server window. Save the setup file and copy it to the client computer. On the client, right-click the PDXpertClientSetup.exe icon and select Run as administrator.

  • Download the PDXpert client installer from this website and save it to your client computer. On the client, right-click the PDXpertClientSetup-release.exe icon and select Run as administrator.

When you run the PDXpert client application after installation, the Welcome to PDXpert PLM window is displayed. To get help logging in, press the F1 key on your keyboard.

Client installation locations

For detailed information, see System file locations.

The PDXpert System Setup installer installs its own local PDXpert client application on the server machine. The default location is C:\Program Files\PDXpert\PDXpert PLM\Website\bin\PDXpert.exe

On client workstations, PDXpert 8.0 and later clients are installed into the user profile at %localappdata%\PDXpert\Application, for example C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\PDXpert\Application\PDXpert.exe

PDXpert clients prior to 8.0 are installed into the All Users (machine) profile.

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