Item Explorer Search tab

Enter the search terms that are contained within the item you want, and then click on the Search button.

Your search terms may return two sets of results. Each list is ranked based on the degree of match between your search terms and the object's contents.

  • The upper list contains matching documents, parts and change forms saved in the database.
  • The lower list shows matching files stored in the file library.

If you have the appropriate permissions, any item within the results can be opened or used as the source for a drag-and-drop onto an item's Markup tab or a change form's Affected tab.

Refer to the How to use the Item Explorer > Search for an item topic for a detailed explanation of how to define and run searches.

If your search is too broad, not all possible items are displayed. You should narrow your search by adding more terms, or by including operators such as AND. See the How to use the Item Explorer > Use search commands topic for more information on constructing searches.

The abbreviations shown in the Owner, Type and Release columns are defined in the related collection members, which are managed in the Collection Explorer.


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