PDXpert PLM software features: Engineering change forms

PDXpert PLM is quite flexible for defining your change process. Not only can you create new change types and specify changes' identification and workflows, you can choose whether a change type releases and cancels items (change notices) or merely identifies issues and actions (CPA, change requests, stop ships). Each change can have a pre-defined list of reviewers, a separate list of observers, and rules for whether it can process documents or parts. You can also specify who is authorized to sign on behalf of each reviewing group, and whether a distinct approval password is required.

Each change type can:

  • Be defined to manage documents or parts, or both
  • Share a common numbering sequence, or use a type-specific sequence
  • Subscribe to a common workflow, or use a type-specific workflow
  • Apply text templates that prompt for appropriate summary and alternate solution information
  • Allow automatic or manual promotion from approval to release, and from disapproval to cancellation, re-submittal or rejection
  • Have a fully-configurable reviewer list and observer list
  • Be reviewed by any number of approval groups, in any combination of sequential and parallel notification paths
  • Have virtually unlimited administrator-defined custom attributes

Each new change:

  • References a complete ISO 9000-compatible "delta list" that shows every new, changed, and obsolete item affected by the action
  • Can be categorized by change problem type, change reason, interchangeability class, and priority
  • Can identify, for temporary actions (such as deviations, waivers, stop ships), beginning and ending serial numbers or manufacturing dates, and/or total quantities affected
  • Provides for both change summary and alternate solution discussions
  • Automatically identifies products affected
  • References related changes to provide a complete change impact
  • Specifies the release/cancel effective date for each affected item
  • Identifies dispositioning activity and cost impact for each affected item, and sums these for the total change expense

Engineering change workflow map

PDXpert PLM software change workflow map
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