Installation overview

This guide covers detailed requirements, procedures and best practices for installing the most recent release of the PDXpert Application Server and PDXpert clients. Contact us if you need to install an older PDXpert release.

The PDXpert PLM system consists of these components:

  • The PDXpert System setup file
    • Downloads and installs a free edition of Microsoft SQL database server that will contain your product information;
    • Installs the PDXpert Application Server, which manages database and library configurations, and provides database connection information to the client application; and
    • Installs a PDXpert client application, which provides the user experience and executes the application business rules.
    • Creates a PDXpert Client setup file that can be used to extend your system.
  • The optional PDXpert Client setup file installs PDXpert on workstations on your LAN or extended network.

The installers automatically detect whether your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit, and will install the appropriate PDXpert applications.

For single user operation, the PDXpert system installation is sufficient. Most installations, however, will use one computer as database and file management server, and use other computers as clients.

The PDXpert client application can be used on the server computer, even in a multi-user environment. However, to ensure adequate performance for both the local user and the network users, your server computer should have a configuration that's significantly better than the recommended minimum.