PDXpert 12.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 12.1 series software (all dates are UTC).

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Microsoft considers .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1 not secure. You should immediately update Windows server and client machines to a more recent .NET version to receive updates and technical support. .NET Framework 4.6.2 and 4.8 are highly compatible in-place updates (replacements) for .NET 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1. Microsoft continues to issue security updates for .NET Framework 4.6.2 and later versions.

12.1.31577.4: 2017-08-10

Improvements to existing capabilities

  • The Change Forms workflow automatically returns the change to the Submitted or Originated state based on the setting of path 02.

    After upgrading Email notices along paths 07, 08, etc. may need to be adjusted to include the change Originator. More information. [b1040]

  • Part, document and change form standard report layouts have been redesigned for clarity and consistency. Present custom attributes merged into general attributes. Replace item description's newline characters with space characters in report title. The All Files Report has been redesigned. [b4106, b13267, c31567]

  • New Change forms collection members use only the Release/cancel iterations when change is released setting to define the change form as an executing (implementing) change or an advisory (non-implementing) change. An execuring change (e.g., ECN or ECO) displays affected items with their iterations. An advisory change (e.g., ECR or Deviation) displays affected items without iterations. [c31527]

    Effect on your system: Older Change Forms collection members are not modified during upgrade. An upgraded collection member displays the Show item iterations on Affected tab and Show releasing/canceling icon settings only if, before the upgrade, they did not match the Release/cancel iterations when change is released value.

    When editing an older Change Forms collection member: If the Release/cancel iterations when change is released value is changed, or if all three values match, then the Show item iterations on Affected tab and Show releasing/canceling icon settings are immediately and permanently hidden.

    The Show item iterations on Affected tab and Show releasing/canceling icon settings may be removed in future PDXpert releases. To ensure compatibility with future releases, we recommend that you manually set these two value to match the Release/cancel iterations when change is released value. As noted above, this permanently hides these settings.

  • On new Document Types and Part Types collection members, initialize the Subsequent revision sequence to empty, instead of the default Sequences: Revision collection member. This ensures the revision isn't reset when the lifecycle moves from a pre-production to production lifecycle, as well as reflects preferred practice of having only one revision sequence for all lifecycles. [b19444]

  • Add service configuration setting <key="HostName".../> to override machine name in client installer delivery. [c31570]

Maintenance changes and fixes

  • Restore release description to change form's Affected list. [b17433 (reversion 12.0 at c31305)]

  • Fix incorrect report page width calculations on BOM reports. [c31430]

  • Refresh the change reviewer's Response after every review, instead of only when the change form's Lifecycle state changes. [b17432, c31425]

  • Include item Version in part and document Item Report and General tab's Tab Report when value is not empty. [b18434]

  • For a document or part snapshot, set the starting revision based on the copied item's lifecycle, and clear (not copy) the Revision area and Release description fields. [b19443]

  • Show Change Forms member's Workflow tab's labels for paths 01 to 09. [c31516 (reversion 12.0 at c31243)]

  • Update how part and document form's Name{x} button location scales when display is scaled. Requires .NET 4.7 or higher. [c31566]

  • When testing for duplicate RefDes values on the BOM Markup list, include only Add and Keep rows but exclude Remove rows. [b19438]