PDXpert 15.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 15.0 series software (all dates are UTC).

PDXpert PLM 14.0  •  PDXpert PLM 16.0

Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

.NET Framework 4.8 (or later) is required. Recent Windows and Windows Server versions have the .NET Framework 4.8 installed. If missing, the PDXpert installer will attempt to install it. Older Windows releases may require the .NET Framework 4.8 download.

After upgrading: For correct operation, review all After upgrading instructions shown in these release notes.

PDXpert 13.0 and later releases are confirmed as Not Vulnerable to Apache Log4j CVE-2021-44228. Details here.

PDXpert releases after March 31, 2022 may not support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008R2 or SQL Server 2008/2008R2. PDXpert Server releases after March 31, 2022 may not support 32-bit Windows.

The maintenance, support and update ("MSU") subscription adds a new PDX package signing certificate, issued to the licensed organization within the license file.

15.0.3012.5 (576): 2022-01-18§

New features and functions§

Some new PDX package features are extensions to the IPC-2570 version 1.0 standard. Not all PDX package readers support large PDX packages. As of the release date, only PDXplorer recognizes public key crytographic signatures and uses encryption passwords. These extensions can be enabled or disabled as needed during a PDX package export.

PDX package signing assigns a unique cryptographic certificate to each PDXpert system. Signing certificates expire and must be renewed through an active maintenance, support, and upgrade subscription.

Download and install PDXplorer 6.0 (or later) to add or supply a password to a signed PDX package.

  • PDX package content can be customized on export. Help guide topic. [1e5db999]§

  • PDX package export templates can be defined using the Transforms collection's PDXWriter provider. Help guide topic. [c0521501]§

  • New PDX package attributes: [g209]§

    • Add change form Notes field as Change AdditionalAttribute name=notes [56013b36]§

    • Add change form secondary discussion as Change AdditionalAttribute name=secondaryDiscussion [e9457c5b]§

    • Add ManufacturerPart AdditionalAttribute versionIdentifer [sic] attribute. [ead6a4ae]§

    • Force ManufacturerPart AdditionalAttribute revisionIdentifier even when revision is empty. [4fd14e4a]§

    • Replace custom attributes' XML xs:boolean value space true false with IPC-2570 Boolean datatype Yes No values. [eb5dd109, g519]§

  • PDX packages can be configured to exceed 4GB and include more than 65K file attachments. Resolves error message when exporting very large PDX packages: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32. [g465, 0f8b16d8]§

  • New example PDX Export All Attributes transform adds new package attributes (change form Notes and Secondary discussion; manufacturer part Version) to the standard PDX export format. [8afa5bd1]§

    After upgrading: Download and add the new PDX-Export-All-Attributes.txt member to your system.

  • License contains new cryptographic signature and package signing certificate.

    • RSA license signing algorithm upgraded to use embedded key.

    • Include new public-key signing certificate for licensed organization's PDX package export.

    • Simplify license window: new layout; lock fields after import; prevent saving an expired or invalid license.

    • Current unsigned license key files remain valid until the next MSU subscription renewal, but must be re-issued to support PDX package signing & encryption.

  • Export signed PDX package using SHA-256, and support optional AES-256 encryption using PDXplorer 6.0.

    After upgrading: Contact technical support to obtain updated license key file with RSA signing certificate.

    • Include SHA-1 digest file signature to confirm PDX attachment integrity. Description [4470e946] §

    • Sign PDX package to identify, verify and authenticate content. Description

    • PDXplorer 6.0 can encrypt/decrypt PDX packages signed by PDXpert 15. Description

  • Validate PDXpert 13.0, PDXpert 14.0 and PDXpert 15.0 are supported on Microsoft Windows 11. [w11] §

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • Improve collections' member form behavior and appearance:

    • Validate every name and abbreviation for empty and duplicate values; show errors. User confirms before saving non-conforming members. [3ab15e62x]§

    • Unique generators suggest different abbreviation styles for Organizations; Countries; and item types & custom collection members. [3ab15e62y]§

    • Allow deleting new member without first saving. [g460,g299, 290dc8db et al.]§

    • Apply consistent form and control sizes/locations. [5f0d7287 et al.]§

    • Suppress autocopy Name to Abbreviation on objects that don't expose abbreviation to user. Unused field is safe for private use – except Materials collection, which uses abbreviation to mirror CAS. [g434]§

  • Auto-correct Views collection member Name to avoid creating views with invalid SQL view names. Show error icon when SQL SELECT statement is empty. [g482, ec936742, 7a1d77d0]§

  • Add new color options for alternative (e.g., test) instances' status bar. [7cdae699]§

    Include new colors in system identification transforms. [336cc083]§

    After upgrading: If you have previously installed these transforms (final step), replace the earlier versions with the new ones dated October 2021.

  • Show change disposition controls only on executing changes that pause at Released workflow state. Update help topic. [g480, 2058429c]§

  • New LDAPContextOptions key in service configuration file sets AD/LDAP custom settings (integer) for ValidateCredentials(…, …, ContextOptions). [6ca6cc0f]§

  • Add new <context location="AppearsOn" /> options to show transforms on context menus in part and document Appears On lists. Help topic. [g246, 05cbd333]§

  • Increase visible BOM item summary length by (a) reducing UOM width when Lock part default unit of measure on BOM system rule is marked, and (b) moving BOM Quantity Category selector to second panel row. [g505 d & g, 81a58ccd]§

  • Rewrite Tools ➔ Update Currencies... service: [g424,0fbcba95, 8afa5bd1]§

    • Replace exchange rate web service API.
    • Replace primary exchange rate service provider (now European Central Bank).
    • Add new backup exchange rate service provider.
    • Re-base any provider's default currency to default Currencies member, and scale all other conversion values accordingly.
    • After default currency is changed, during update automatically set currency's Exchange rate to 1.
    • Show updated currencies sorted by name.
    • Use consistent significant digits in conversion rate assignments.
    • In starting database, add new currencies (BRL, ILS, SEK, ZAR) and refresh currency exchange rates as of 2021-11-27.
  • Batch Importer format ListRevisionFiles now includes file Note field. [g245, 2d253030]§

  • Windows 64-bit system installer uses SQL Server 2017 (14.0) Express LocalDB for new installs only; upgrade does not affect an existing SQL instance. (SQL Server 2019 requires C++ 2019 Redistributable, which is not installed in all Windows targets.) Windows 32-bit system installer continues using SQL Server 2014 (12.0) Express LocalDB. [g334,615aaf67]§

  • Add new Transforms collection member Export Markup to File to starting database. Previously available as download for current customers in PDXpert 14.0.2774 release. [g428,2703798e]§

  • New Export button on Software License Key window lets admininstrator export the current license as .pdxl file for archiving if original file is lost. [g384, 8e366571]§

  • Add new message in standard email notice for Can act reviewers: Your group can review this change for a short time only. [g504, f917aa83]§

  • Add new HTML id="" for parsing standard email templates; add/update email messages for NotifyMail_Observer, _MustAct _CanAct, _ActionNeeded. See Designing email notice templates application note. [4b29e635]§

  • Show change event number [Change].[ChangeNum] on change form as Release date tooltip. [78d8e7ab]§

  • Update Transforms collection member Show User Accounts (now dated 2021-08-26T17:00Z) to include user email address, and include in starting database. [g503, a18ca111]§

    After upgrading: Compatible with PDXpert 13.0 and higher. Download and add the updated Show-User-Accounts.txt member to your system.

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Fix document's Effective date to show unconditionally. Update effectivity help topics. [g481, 16b4733f, 81ea0a20]§

  • Fix standard reports where misplaced <Language>en-US</Language> parameter overrides localized DateTime values. [8e4af9e1, g515]§

  • Fix ComboBox2.OnLeave() to immediately show restored selection when user types invalid list selection. [ae45ecb9]§

  • Copy References list from Canceled document or part to new Pending iteration's list. [g478, 4402bddf]§

  • Discard irrelevant null exception when spell-checking an empty textbox. [g297, 0558644a]§

  • Add window header (and help topic) that custom attribute's Description is used for mouse hover text. [1055af06]§

  • Fix Markup Wizard to accept additions and replacements to a pending Markup. [regress 14.0.2781.5: g505, 8852c79d]§

  • Fix identifier validation resource string for document, part and change form. [6116dc6b]§

  • Fix Change Forms member to refresh Enable workflow path and Send emails to: checkboxes when moving to/from permanently-enabled paths. [g458, 2ff5f2de, 001b8753]§

  • Show proposed main form status bar color when home organization's Display name is changed. [0f656183]§

  • Fix the Report/Export Wizard revision selector dropdown, which could remain open when returning to transforms selection list. [g528, 36da89f6]§

  • Update help file's server and file attachments for PDXZ with compressed files. [af9a5c07]§

  • Add filler column to Change Forms collection member's Reviewing groups table. [5a5282e5]§

  • On change form's Affected list, show zero Subtotal value and unmarked Recurring activity when disposition node is not selected. [2058429c]§

  • Update About PDXpert PLM to include SQL Server product name and LocalDB (similar to PDXpert Server). [eb8baec2]§

  • Clear unused abbreviations in StartDB. [2703798e]§

  • Fix Change Data Directory… to prevent selecting bare drive (e.g., D:\) or UNC path (as \\ ) for data folder. [g521, 2fea5268]§

  • Help topic: Add note that Administrator Override command can't change part or document Number when type setting User cannot edit assigned number is enabled. [794a7116]§

  • Help topic: Describe iteration history effect, i.e., when iterations are not contiguous (canceling replaced by releasing on same change form), timeline stops at Cancel and begins new history at next Release. [a656e10f]§

  • Help topic: PLMX transformations are no longer supported. [03c58a1b]§

  • Help topic: Expand topics for avoiding and resolving recursions and cross-reference errors. [7dc4321d]§

  • Help topic: Show list of task priority icons in Help styles topic. [b4f37868]§

  • Schema 576 updates RevisionFilePack_UDF() to add Hash and HashAlgo columns for PDX signature; drops unused dbo.BackupSettings and dbo.history tables. [488603a8]§

  • Target .NET Framework 4.8 to improve window and control display scaling and assistive technologies. Release notes [1049c130]§

    • Fix display scaling ≥ 125%: object names overlap in change form Observers panel, Groups collection member Persons list, etc. [g511]§

    • Maximize/Minimize button of new child form.

    • Checkbox height maintained as square when scaled.

    • Improved accessibility for the calendar (DateTimePicker) control.

    • Add support for UI Automation notification event to Label and GroupBox classes.

    • Fixed reliability issues in Graphics class when used in RDP sessions.

  • Add manifest to configure high DPI features in .NET and Windows 10 (1703): improve controls' scaling and layout; single-pass scaling; dynamic change to DPI or scaling. App note [7dd96aa5]§

  • Use AppBuildDate to show application copyright year. [6d9c27cc6, g533]§

  • Update package dependencies.

    • DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.13.1 (2021-08-18), was 2.12.3. Release notes [a6e3ca66-ox]§

    • DotNetZip / Ionic.Zip library (2021-11-16). Release notes [0f8b16d8]§

    • Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportViewerControl.Winforms 150.1484.0 (2021-09-27), was 150.1440.0. Release notes [a6e3ca66-rs]§

    • NLog 4.7.11 (2021-08-18), was 4.7.8. Release notes [280728bc]§

    • SharpZipLib 1.3.2 (2021-05-08) replaced by DotNetZip. [d6f0d1fd]§

    • Stub.System.Data.SQLite.Core.NetFramework 1.0.115 (2021-08-25), was Release notes [7eca189cs]§

    • System.Data.SQLite.Core 1.0.115 (2021-08-25), was Release notes [7eca189c]§

Antivirus check§

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15.0.3014.5: 2022-02-11§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Fix ReportPublishingException on some Tab Report that use DateToLocal() function. [84438b8c0, fixing 8e4af9e1]§

  • Fix reports' Printed timestamp to UTC, then calculate local time offset. [1b55fe563]§

  • Improve System.Windows.Forms.ListBox scaling: convert to single-column mode, remove ItemHeight DrawMode ColumnWidth overrides, and disable background string drawing. [35fda0a91]§

  • Fix Repository remove-then-add same item in ListBox() reported as Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UK_{relation}_MTM'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object '{relation}' [g402,3995920d7]§

  • Replace window title as Routing Error (was Processing Error) to reflect help topic terminology. [g546,20e01e9a7]§

  • In Roles and Transforms collections, warn administrators to restrict Collection Edit permission. [g541, b1e79694e]§

  • Add note in Manage system emails help topic that the sending service must be configured to disable secondary authentication (2FA/MFA). [g543,f72e85a7c]§

  • Show Software License Key window's License begins without blue highlight when date matches current date. [g537,607a3502d]§

  • Update help topic: Software License Key window's OK button not enabled if imported license matches existing content. [g547,aeadbea5d]§

Antivirus check§

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