Help conventions

On the Contents list of this help guide, you'll see icons that represent:

  A group of related topics (a "chapter"). Click on the "+" to read the topics under it.

  A help topic. Click on the title to read the topic in the right panel.

In describing this application:

  • This style represents the labels where you enter data.
  • This Style shows displayed buttons that you click.
  • This style is the data that you select, type or otherwise provide.
  • This Style identifies one of several tabs that you click on an item record or other window.
  • This Style shows keys that you press on your computer's keyboard.
  • This style represents a value that the application or operating system displays.

Sidebars provide additional information for a topic:

A warning identifies areas that require extra caution to prevent damaging your data.

A note directs your attention to important issues and PDXpert business rules.

A tip may make your PDXpert experience more productive, but it's not essential to successful application operation.


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