Reset the database contents

The Reset Database button overwrites the current database with fresh starting values. This is primarily useful when you're first evaluating PDXpert and, after creating test data, wish to return to a "clean" database.

All of your current data is completely and permanently deleted, and the system is restored to its default settings. Consider whether you should back up the existing database and library files before proceeding.

Confirm that you have your software license key, which must be imported after the system is reset.

The PDXpert Application Server asserts full control over its database instance. Do not create another database in the PDXpert instance, or create new objects within the PDXpertDB database, since unrecognized objects may interfere with proper operation or be deleted.

The PDXpert Application Server may automatically purge files or folders within its working directory. Do not add any file to the server's \Data\ folder or its subfolders, since unrecognized files may interfere with proper operation or be deleted.

All users must be logged out of the PDXpert client application before the database is reset.

On the PDXpert Application Server window:

  1. Click on the Manage tab.

  2. In the System changes area, click the Reset Database button. When the warning is displayed, clicking the Yes button will confirm that you want to overwrite the current database with new starting values, and clear the file library folder.


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