Add or remove a document's references

The References list shows items that are useful for making or validating the document. For instance, an assembly procedure can refer to other documents that specify calibration or inspection procedures.

If both part and document records are blocked as references, then the References lists aren't shown. Your administrator must enable the References Tabs system rule.

To change the references list on a document, it must have a pending iteration. While the document iteration remains pending, all of your work is managed on the References: Markup list. After the document record is released using an executing change form (such as a Change Notice), your reference items show on the iteration's References: Current list.

To minimize possible database conflicts, save or close all edited items that you'll be adding to the References: Markup list.

  • To add a reference item onto the pending iteration of the document's References: Markup list:
    1. Click on the References: Markup list. Scroll, if necessary, to expose an empty area.

    2. Using the Item Explorer, locate the reference document or part that you want to add to this record.

    3. Drag the item from the Item Explorer and drop it onto an empty area of the References: Markup list. The icon in the Add/Remove column is .

      If you change your mind, you can remove the added row: select the row, and press your keyboard's Delete key or select the context menu Remove Item from List command.

    4. Add notes or adjust the row number on the References: Markup row if desired.
  • To remove an existing reference item (one that was added and released on a previous iteration of the parent document) from the pending iteration's References: Markup list: Select the row, and press the Delete key, or select the context menu Remove Item from List command. The reference item isn't immediately deleted; instead, the "keep" icon in the Add/Remove column becomes a red "take off" icon , signaling that the reference will be removed from the list when the parent document is released on a change form.

    If you change your mind, you can restore a row that's to be removed from the list: select Keep Item on List from the context menu.


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