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These controls are visible only when the Show Files tab checkbox is marked on the related Document Types, Part Types, or Change Forms collection member.

PDXpert can directly operate on the files that define a product. You tell PDXpert where the file is, and whether you want PDXpert to copy it into the data library or just point to it as an external hyperlink.

All commands for file management are on the Tools | Files submenu, as well as on each list's context menu.

There are 3 general categories of files, from closely managed to unmanaged.

Revision Files §
Revision files are associated with a particular technical revision of a part or document, and are locked within the data library when the associated item iteration is released by a change form. Objects that don't have revisions (such as Change Forms and Organizations) omit this file category.
Because a revision file is identified by revision and not by lifecycle, PDXpert uses the accepted term revision file even though the file is attached to an iteration (revision+lifecycle) record. A new iteration that simply modifies the record's lifecycle carries its revision files forward with their technical content unchanged from the preceding iteration. The file's Note is displayed on all iterations that use that file.
Item Files §
Item files aren't as tightly controlled as revision files. They can be added, changed or deleted throughout the item's life without regard to a specific iteration's release status. An item file can be saved within the PDXpert server's library, or attached as an external link (such as website page).
An external link is not controlled by PDXpert. It may be modified, moved or deleted without PDXpert's knowledge, and there is a risk that the link may someday be broken.
Save the file when you want to keep a specific version of a file for future use. Use an external link when you want to always point to the latest version of "background information" data, such as a supplier's web page.

In a PDX package, document and part revision files, as well as change form files, are included (isFileIn="Yes"). Item files attached to documents and parts are identified in the PDX package but are not included (isFileIn="No").

Links to external resources are included in a PDX package. Some users may not see the linked resource if, for example, the link points to a private server on your local network.

All files Notes are included in PDX attachment descriptions.


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