Free a file lock

When you check out a file from the data library, PDXpert locks the library file to prevent other people from making changes at the same time. If you later decide not to modify the checked-out file, you should still free your lock on it. In this case, PDXpert does not copy the file from your workspace, but simply removes the library file lock so that it can be checked out by others.

  1. Use the Item Explorer to find the item that contains the checked-out file. You can quickly view all files that you have checked out by selecting Files on the Item Explorer. Open the item, and select the pending iteration.

  2. Select the item window's Files tab, then select the Revision Files tab.

  3. Unlock the item window by pressing your keyboard's F2 key.

  4. Select the file that you have checked out by clicking on the filename.

  5. On the Tools menu, select the Files ➔ Free File Lock command. The file in the data library remains the same as before it was checked out. Other users can check it out.

  6. Update the item's status: Item ➔ Save (Ctrl+S) or lock the window (F2 key).

If you're the item's trustee, you can free the lock on a checked-out file (Tools ➔ Release File Lock) even if a different user has checked it out. After you free the lock, the other user must again check out the file (making sure not to overwrite the changed file on their local computer), and then check the changed file back in.


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