Manage tab

On the PDXpert Application Server, the Manage tab contains controls for maintaining and modifying your PLM database.

To avoid damaging or losing your data: Refer to each PDXpert Application Server > How to... help topic for important operating procedures.

Maintenance §

While clients are actively using the system, you can back up your database and library, reset the super administrator's password, and save log files for technical support.

Backup... §
The Backup button creates a database backup, which may include (.pdxz) or exclude (.bak) the file library.
Reset Admin §
The Reset Admin button resets the super administrator account to a blank password. Clicking the button displays the super administrator's log-in account name which you can use, with a blank password, to log into the PDXpert client.
Save Log Files §
The Save Log Files button saves the set of PDXpert Application Server's diagnostic files into a single compressed (.zip) file.

System changes §

When you perform any functions within this group of controls, the PDXpert client communication service is stopped. PDXpert clients are forced out of the database without warning.

Restore From Backup... §
The Restore From Backup button allows you to browse for a backup file to restore, which can have either a .PDXZ or .BAK file extension.
Reset Database §
The Reset Database button overwrites the current database with the starting values of an empty database.
Change Data Directory... §
This defines the folder base location for storing library files, the product database, and other data. Separate subfolders are created automatically within the selected location.
Change Database Server... §
Select the SQL Server database instance from the dropdown list; for example, PDXPERT.

Client installation §

The PDXpert Application Server has an http: service that can deliver the PDXpert client installer to remote computers.

To download the client installer, open a web browser to the link shown. The link is of the format http://servername:port/client/setup where servername is the current server computer's machine name (or IP address), and the port value is usually 48084.

Click this button to copy the browser link to the Windows clipboard, which can then be pasted into (for example) an email.
Save Client Installer... §
Click this button to save a copy the PDXpert client installer (.EXE file) to a convenient location.


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