Materials collection import

The import file adds or updates Materials collection members. Existing database records that link to an updated collection member show the updated information.

Each row in the import file represents one material record with name and regulatory details.

The Batch Importer tool can generate a CSV template file, which can be used to import your data. Select Collection: Materials from the dropdown list, click the Export button, and save the file to a convenient location.

Column name Data type Value if empty Description
Name string row is skipped REQUIRED: This is the common or CAS-approved name of the material. If the value is empty, the row is not imported. If the Name value cannot be matched to an existing collection member, then a new collection member is added; otherwise, the matching collection member's properties are updated.
Description string no value Descriptive information or notes about the material.
CASNumber string no value The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number uniquely identifies the imported material.
DeclarationCategory string A, B, or N N This categorizes the material's disclosure requirement as Level A, Level B, or None. See the Materials collection help topic for interpretation.
Threshold double ≥ 0 0.0 This number represents the value that triggers reporting of the material. If the imported value is negative, it is set to 0.
ThresholdUOM Units of Measure: Proportion (ratio) default member Use a Proportion member's complete Name value—such as %, ppm, ppb—in this column. If the value is empty, then the default Proportion member is used.
MaterialCategory Material categories default member The material's category. Use a Material categories member's Name value in this column. If the value is empty, then the default collection member is used.


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