Reviewer's comment required

Before editing a system rule, ensure that no other users are using the system. After editing a system rule, restart your PDXpert client application.

Purpose §

Specifies whether a user who reviews a change form is required to provide a comment for specific responses.

Description §

True: The authorized reviewer for a group must provide a reason for the response.

False: The authorized reviewer for a group may, but is not required to, provide a reason for the response.

Data type §


Recommended or default value §

Reviewer's comment required on

  • Approve: False
  • Disapprove: True
  • Hold: True

Details §

Approvals are the expected response and typically don't require any additional comment. The decision to disapprove or hold is an unexpected response and the reviewer should provide a reason, unless the change originator and reviewers will always be quite familiar with the issues involved in the decision.

Regardless of how the system rule is marked, a comment can always be added at the reviewer's option.


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