Use the Recursion Assistant

Open the window by selecting Tools | Recursion Assistant...

Recursions, or cyclic errors, are infinite loops of product BOMs, where an item reports to itself or one of its lower-level child items. They're often discovered when a multi-level BOM report fails.

The Recursion Assistant examines your PLM database for recursions in BOM and source lists, and present options for identifying the true parent item.

The Recursion Assistant allows you to update items that were previously released. Back up your database before using this tool, and verify your results after breaking any recursions.

To ensure data integrity, you must be the only one user logged into the system while using the tool.

The Recursion Assistant... menu command is only visible to users who have a Roles member that includes the Manage as administrator permission.

  1. Click on the Item menu and select the Close All command to close all part, document and change form records before you begin.

  2. Click on the Tools menu and select the Recursion Assistant... command, which opens the Recursion Assistant window.

  3. Click the Start button to begin the audit. The test result displays Completed if no problems are discovered, and you can exit the Recursion Assistant.

  4. The Recursion Assistant may offer you opportunities to improve your data. Select the desired outcome for each set of results, click the OK button, and the Recursion Assistant makes the necessary updates.


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