Document window

A single document is represented in the Document window.

At a minimum, a document consists of an owning organization (the entity responsible for creating and managing its content), document type, document number, title, technical content revision and business lifecycle.

Since documents may be physically managed and distributed, you'll be able to specify attributes like the media or storage location of the document, any organizations (such as regulatory agencies) that assert some type of control over the document, and the type of access rights that are associated with the document.

Of course, most documents start out in electronic form, and therefore you can attach CAD, word processing, image and other types of computer files to the document record's Files tab.

The document window status bar offers the following controls in the lower left corner:

  • The window can be unlocked for editing using the Lock/Unlock selection. Locking the window automatically saves any changes.

    Locking the item window

  • The active iteration can be selected using the dropdown box

  • A new iteration can be created by selecting <..New..> from the iteration selector

    Creating a new item revision


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