Partner classifications

Purpose §

Classifies organizations and their activity within your supply chain.

Where used §


Data fields §

Name §
This is the complete name for the partner classification.
Description §
This describes the partner classification and its function.
PDX partner classification code §
This should be one of the standard values specified for PDX packages, or a non-standard ("other") value. Refer to compatibility note, above.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection
For a description of these checkboxes, see the Collections reference > Managing collections help topic.

Setup suggestions §

Identify your organization's partner relationships: customers, suppliers, regulatory agencies are all likely. If you must track your source materials or production for traceability or product recall, you may want to identify individual elements of a complex supply or distribution channel (e.g., country distributor, regional distributor, reseller, manufacturer's rep).


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