Handling/storage categories

Purpose §

Classifies the safety or environmental hazards of parts, or their special handling requirements.

Where used §


Data fields §

Name §
This is the complete name for the part handling/storage category.
Description §
This describes the health or safety hazard, or special handling or storage considerations. You may want to add specific handling/storage procedures appropriate for your environment and processes.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection
For a description of these checkboxes, see the Collections reference > Managing collections help topic.

Setup suggestions §

To create a list of possible handling hazards, contact your facilities manager, regulatory agency, safety engineer, fire inspector, insurance representative and other professionals who are responsible for monitoring your workplace safety.

Special storage situations will require assistance from inventory managers and possibly the part manufacturers.

In some cases, parts may have multiple attributes. For instance, a chemical in your manufacturing process may be both flammable and very expensive; in this case, you'll want to create a new classification with both attributes, rather than forcing the user to choose only one.


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