Use Administrator Override

Administrators enable this option using Tools menu ➔   ✔ Administrator Override The menu option is shown when the user's role has Manage as administrator marked.

Enable this menu option to correct minor text or list selection errors in released items. This option isn't used to edit attributes normally managed by the item trustee, analysts and product team members.

WARNING: This suspends system rules that protect database records.

  • CAD software or supply chain systems may rely on a current value in PDXpert. Check that other systems will accept (or ignore) your changes.
  • Before making changes to a production system, back up your database and confirm that no other users are using the system.
  • After making changes, test your changes in item records, related reports, PDX packages, and Transforms to ensure there are no unexpected effects in PDXpert or other computer systems.
  • Edit only the attributes shown below. Never use the ✔ Administrator Override option to add or remove BOM, reference, source, or revision file relationships. Use the standard change revision process to add or remove items on these lists.

To protect your data from accidental changes, select this option only when necessary, and clear it as soon as the task is finished. As a further safety measure, this option is cleared each time you close your PDXpert client.

While the option is enabled, the status bar shows Administrator Override tool is active, and the following attributes may be modified:

  • Documents
    • Owner
    • Number
    • Revision
    • Lifecycle phase
    • Version
    • Revision area
    • Release description
    • Effective date
    • Revision file permissions
  • Parts
    • Owner
    • Number
    • Revision
    • Lifecycle phase
    • Version
    • Revision area
    • Release description
    • Effectivity
    • Revision file permissions
    • Default unit of measure

      Modifying a part's Default unit of measure value affects bills of materials, and may affect (or damage) related data records in CAD or manufacturing systems. See the Attributes page (part): Default unit of measure help topic.

    • Part mass (weight)
    • Exclude child mass/materials
    • Materials list
    • BOM list: You must edit on the BOM: Markup list, and re-open the part window to see your changes in the BOM: Current list.
      • Quantity

      • Unit of measure (if enabled by the Lock part default unit of measure on BOM system rule)

        Modifying a row's Unit of measure value may affect (or damage) related data records in other computer systems. Check the impact carefully. You may also need to update the row's Quantity.

      • BOM quantity category

      • Ref des

      • Notes

    • Changes to the Sources and References lists are controlled by Product Team permissions. See the Product families help topic.

  • Change Forms

    In many cases, these attributes can be modified only when the analyst is locked out. This often occurs after the change has been routed, or because the change is in the Canceled, Rejected or Completed state. Check to see if the change form's analyst can edit a value before using ✔ Administrator Override.

    • Number
    • Originator
    • Analyst
    • Change reason
    • Problem source
    • Primary discussion field (e.g., change description)
    • Secondary discussion field (e.g., alternative solutions)
    • Attributes
    • Custom
    • Related
    • Observers
    • Files
    • Notes
  • Custom collection member
    • Default member of collection

      This allows a custom collection's default member to be removed so that the collection can be deleted.


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