Copy previous tasks to new revision (rule)

Before editing a system rule, ensure that no other users are using the system. After editing a system rule, close the PDXpert client and start it again.

Administrators open this using the Tools ➔ System Rules… menu.

Purpose §

Determines whether tasks on a part/document iteration (revision) are copied to the new pending iteration or a snapshot.

Description §

True: All tasks shown on the existing item iteration are copied to the new pending iteration. In the case of a snapshot, tasks are copied to the new part or document. Each copied task's status is reset to Not Started.

False: Tasks are not copied from the existing iteration, and the user must manually add tasks.

Data type §


Recommended or default value §


Details §

Tasks may be consistent from one iteration to the next, in which case they can be automatically copied forward. However, copying old tasks may not be useful and requires careful review before saving the new iteration (which sends task-related emails).

When using the Edit menu's Snapshot ... commands, the existing item's most recent tasks are copied to the new item's first iteration if this system rule is True.

A change form's tasks are not affected by this setting.


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