Enter the software license key

The software license identifies your copy of PDXpert and determines its capabilities, such as the number of users allowed and the period for which the software can be used or updated.

You can operate PDXpert:

  • During a time-limited evaluation period: During this evaluation, the application is fully functional, supports all features, and can be used by any number of users. Enter your basic information into the Evaluation license section of the Software License Key window.
  • Using a valid software license key: You cannot operate PDXpert if the key is invalid, expired, or issued to a different organization. Enter your software registration license key by selecting the Registered license section the Software License Key window.

Carefully read the Software licenses & legal notices reference topics, paying particular attention to the Program license & warranty agreement. By using the software license key, you agree to be bound by the specified terms.

To enter or modify the license information, your user account must be assigned a Role with administrator permissions.

About 30 days before the current license period expires and for 30 days after expiration, the main window's status bar displays a warning whenever an administrator opens the client application. If you see this warning, open the Software License Key dialog to view the Subscription ends date field. To avoid a gap in service, your company must purchase a new subscription before the expiration date.

If the number of licensed users in a new license has been reduced from a previous license, then most users are prevented from logging into the system until the user count is within the licensed quantity. Only the super administrator account is permitted to log into PDXpert and remove excess log-in accounts. It's usually more convenient to remove user accounts while the old license remains valid, before loading the new license.

To manage user log-in accounts, see How to perform other tasks > Managing user accounts help topic.

If you have a license file §

A PDXpert license file (file type .pdxl) contains your company registration information and license key.

  1. Use the PDXpert client application to import the license file. If the Software License Key window is not already displayed, open it by selecting the Tools | Software License Key... menu item.

  2. Click the Import License File (.pdxl) button to display the Open License dialog.

  3. Navigate to the license file and click the Open button. The license information is loaded into the Software License Key dialog.

    Select the most recent license file. The file name usually includes the subscription ending year, month and day: nnnnn-YYYYMMDD-n-nn-nn.pdxl

  4. Click the OK button to accept your changes.

    If the OK button isn't enabled after the license is opened, confirm that you're using the correct license file. If the Subscription ends date has already passed, your PDXpert release may require a more current license.

    In some international Windows versions, the calendar controls may not immediately recognize the license ISO8601 date values. If the OK button isn't enabled after the license is opened, click on each date control and re-select the exact date from the drop-down calendar.

If you don't have a license file §

When you're entering a license, ensure that you copy the data precisely as it's been provided to you. All data must match before the key is accepted by the system.

  1. Use the PDXpert client application to enter the license key data. If the Software License Key window is not already displayed, open it by selecting the Tools | Software License Key... menu item.

  2. Enter the

    • Organization name that is used for most users, documents, parts and all changes. The organization name is copied into the default member of the Organizations collection, called the home organization.
    • Country where the organization is located.
    • Full-function users that can be assigned full-featured user accounts (this value limits the total number of user accounts you can create, even during evaluation mode).
    • Read-only users that can be assigned view-only user accounts.
  3. If you don't yet have a software license registration key: Select the Evaluation license option, and then click on the OK button to proceed with a limited-time evaluation.

    During the limited evaluation period, you do not need to have a license key. The program remains fully functional until the creation or release date of any document, part or change exceeds the permitted period. To begin a new evaluation period, you can (a) initialize the PDXpert database or (b) restore a previously configured and backed-up database that doesn't have any documents, parts and changes.

    If you have a software license registration key: Select the Registered license option, and continue entering your license information:

    • License type, whether subscription or perpetual.
    • License begins on the specified date.
    • Subscription ends on the specified date. A perpetual license allows normal operation after its expiration date, but can't be used with software releases published after the subscription ends. A subscription license doesn't allow any user log-ins after the subscription end date; you must renew your expired license to restore access. If the license indicates that the subscription has ended, do not upgrade your system to a different release.
    • Options (enter all characters, including leading zeroes).
    • Postal code (ZIP code) where the organization is located.
    • Registration key that is uniquely assigned to your organization for this registered license.

    Click on the OK button when you've entered all of the registered license information.

    If the software license is expired or any element has been entered incorrectly, then the OK button is disabled.


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