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All of these menu items are used to move a change from one change lifecycle state to another. Only certain actions may be available, depending on (a) the change's current status and (b) the lifecycle states enabled by the current workflow. For example, if you've just finished creating a new change, you may only be able to submit it to an analyst; you cannot approve, release or cancel it, and therefore these menu items aren't available.

To process a change form, it must be open. Click on the change form to make it active as the front-most window in your workspace.

Return to Originator §
Return a change form to the originator for additional technical information or corrections.
Submit to Analyst §
Submit a change form to an analyst, who reviews it to ensure that it conforms to the change process: required data is provided, affected items are identified, and the appropriate groups will review it.
Route for Approval §
Notify the reviewers in each listed group that the change is available for their review and approval.
Release Change §
If the change form has not been automatically released by the workflow, this command permits the change to be released after a review of any comments made by reviewers while the change form was routed for approval.
Reject Change §
Sets the change form to the permanently rejected lifecycle state. A rejected change has no effect on the affected items, and cannot be modified or removed from the database.
Cancel Change §
Sets the change form to the permanently canceled lifecycle state. A canceled change has no effect on the affected items, and may be removed from the database.
Complete Change §
A completed change form ensures that the change's contents, including dispositioning information, are locked from further modifications.


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