PDXpert web meeting

Set up

  • Internet Explorer 9 (or above), or the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. (Mac users should use Safari.)
  • Your browser must support video
  • On Android or iPad, there's a free join.me download in the app store.
  • Your monitor/projector resolution should be 1024x768 pixels (or more).

Full technical requirements and info on join.me client apps are here.

Connect to the meeting

1. Start meeting: https://join.me/pdxpert-plm

2. Connect to audio: Phone or Computer

Click on the phone icon:

PDXpert web meeting guest audio

Dial one of the phone numbers shown, or click the Call by computer button.

PDXpert web meeting guest audio

If prompted, enter the conference ID: 627-261-448 #

Enter the meeting

If the meeting is locked:

  1. Type your first and last name, and
  2. Click the knock to join button.
PDXpert web meeting guest log-in

If you see Waiting for presenter, please wait for your PDXpert host to start the meeting.

Meeting software controls

Full screen

Click the full screen button to maximize the presentation image on your screen.

Full screen button

Or, click the Zoom button and select Full screen.

Zoom level, full screen or fit-to-browser

Or, most browsers will change to full screen when you press F11 on your computer's keyboard.

To exit full screen mode, press Esc on your keyboard or use the Zoom button.

Zoom to adjust screen

Use your mouse scroll wheel to change how the presenter's screen is displayed.

Zoom in or out using the mouse scroll wheel