8 ways that PLM improves design review accuracy and efficiency

Accurate, up-to-date information is crucial to a correctly manufactured product. Data that can't be identified correctly, or has ambiguous content, or has simply "gone missing" can't contribute to the quality of a product. The essential output of the engineering process is not a product, but rather the information necessary for replicating that product consistently and accurately.

The ECN module and approval work flow is straight-forward. I highly recommend this system.

Reviewing engineering designsPDXpert PLM provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for efficient and effective design reviews:

  1. Rely on a central electronic repository for CAD files, assembly instructions, inspection procedures and other design and production data
  2. View assembly markups that highlight each child item's proposed state (From/To or NoChange)
  3. Explore assembly structures using fast, easy assembly drill-downs
  4. Get a consolidated list of items affected on each change form
  5. Perform attribute-driven text searches for documents, parts and change forms
  6. Make item-level task assignments for design remediation
  7. Assess the financial impact of changes with dispositioning expenses
  8. Enjoy flexible engineering release management with customizable approval workflow

These functions translate directly into real benefits including increased sales revenue through faster product releases; lower product costs by using more accurate data; and lower administrative overhead by providing important supporting information (like cost roll-ups) automatically.

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PDXpert PLM has been specifically designed for small and mid-sized organizations that need good product data management practices.

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