Attach an external link

Permissions for managing an external link are described in the User roles & permissions help topic.

Item links to external resources are included in a PDX package. An external link may not be accessible from the PDX package recipient's network location.

An external link is reference information that's not copied into the PDXpert library. Since an external file or webpage is outside PDXpert's direct control, there's no assurance that the contents will remain the same, or that the resource will even exist, when you want it. However, if you're pointing to a manufacturer's webpage with their part's ordering details, or to a regulatory agency's home page, this might be precisely what you want.

  1. Select the item window's Files tab, then select the Item Files tab.

  2. Unlock the item window by pressing your keyboard's F2 key.

  3. Within the files list area, right-click to open the context menu, and select Add New External Link...

  4. In the Add New External Link window, type the link or click the Link To... button to browse for a network resource.

    You must include the proper URI protocol prefix, such as http://. In addition to the http: protocol, you can also use https:, file:, ftp: and mailto: protocols.

    Or, with the form unlocked, drag a link from the address bar of your web browser, and drop it onto the Item Files list.

    This feature is supported by most, but not all, current web browsers.

  5. Lock the window (F2 key) to save the files to the server.

After locking the form, you can click on the hyperlink to open the webpage or file.


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