Units of Measure (category)

Collection Explorer General group Units of Measure collection

Purpose §

Classifies units of measure (UoM) into related categories. A unit of measure that belongs to a specified UoM category can be converted to a different member of the same category.

Where used §

Unit of Measure

Data fields §

Name §
This is the complete name for the UoM category.
Description §
This gives the UoM category and its function.
Use on part §
When this checkbox is marked, any unit within the category may be selected for a part's default unit of measure. For example, the Proportion category is too indefinite to be used on a BOM, while the Count (e.g., each) category is commonly used on BOMs.
Permanent member of collection §
For information, see the Managing collections: Common attributes help topic.

Setup §

Numeric custom properties will often require units of measure. Broad types of property units would include electrical (voltage, resistance, capacitance, inductance, power dissipation), and mechanical or physical (load, tensile strength, rotational velocity), chemical (pH, molecular weight).


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