Snapshot a change form

Sometimes there's a change form similar to one that you need to make. It's easy to copy a change form (the "source") and then edit the new copy (the "target").

Rules §

  • Only a saved change form can be a source for a new copy. The source can be at any change lifecycle state.

  • The user must have a role that includes making new change forms.

  • A value in the source will be copied only when it is enabled in both source and target, and is not empty in the source.

Copied values §

The system makes a new target change form, with its normal starting values, then copies the following data from the source change form:

  • Primary discussion

  • Secondary discussion

  • Problem source

  • Change reason

  • Change classification

  • Priority

  • Person 1

  • Person 2

  • Analyst, if the source analyst's Persons record is active and the target Analyst is empty

  • Starting date/serial

  • Ending date/serial

  • File attachments

  • Each custom attribute where its Name and Scheme match on source and target

To make a new change form as a snapshot §

  1. Use the Item Explorer to locate the existing change form that you want to copy.

  2. Open the change form. If it's open, select it to that you can view it.

  3. From the Edit menu, select the Snapshot to Change command.

  4. In the Create Change window:

    1. Select a change form Type.

    2. The system always identifies the Owner as the home organization.

    3. The system selects Generate Number option (unless set in the Change Forms template).

    4. Click the OK button. The source change form's transferrable data is copied to the new change form. Since change form attributes can be quite different, some starting values may be substituted or ignored in the target item.

  5. After the new change form is shown, update your new change form.


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