Set your password

When your system administrator first creates your account, you will receive a temporary password that you can use to enter the program. However, the system administrator doesn't control your password - you do. You can modify your password at any time by providing a new password in the Set Password dialog. When you change your password, only you know what it is. The system administrator can never view a password that you've created. However, if you forget your password, the system administrator can provide another temporary password.

If the administrator permits it, you can have a blank password. That is, when you sign into the program you only need to provide your user name. This may be OK if the program is installed on your local computer, and if your company does not require user security. As a general rule, though, you should create a user password to ensure that unauthorized people do not get into your system, and so that other authorized users do not accidentally use your logon account for their own activities.

At the top of the window, the checkmarks indicate password characteristics that your system administrator requires.

  1. Open the Tools menu and select Passwords...

  2. Type your old password in the Previous account (log-in) password textbox. (If your old password is blank, do not type anything into this textbox).

  3. In the New account password section, type your new password into the New account (log-in) password textbox.

    Passwords are case-sensitive, so "SecretWord", "secretword" and "SECRETWORD" are all considered to be different.

    If your administrator has not specified a minimum password length, you can leave this box blank if you do not want a password.

  4. Confirm your new password by again typing it, this time into the Confirm new account (log-in) password textbox. Remember to type it exactly the same as you typed it in the previous step, including the same upper- and lower-case letters. (You must also leave this box blank if you are setting a blank password.)

  5. If your system administrator requires a different password for change form approvals, enter that password in the New approval password textboxes. You cannot use the same password as you entered for the log-in password. If your administrator permits using your log-in password for approvals, then these textboxes are unavailable.

  6. Click on the OK button.

    The OK button is disabled until you have entered the minimum number and type of characters specified by your system administrator.


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