Setup: Parts

The Parts collections define the physical items that your organization designs, produces and services.

  • BOM Type Codes: This collection classifies production usage, and typically isn't modified.

  • Handling/Storage Categories: You can classify the safety or environmental hazards of parts, or identify special handling requirements.

  • Make/Buy Categories: This collection specifies how to get the item, and typically isn't modified.

  • Material Categories: Broadly classifies the materials that go into the parts that you buy and build.

  • Material Constraints: You can define the handling, storage, recovery, or legally-imposed constraints on the chemicals and substances that are used in your parts.

  • Materials: This collection is primarily intended for WEEE/RoHS and other environmental materials reporting. However, you can add whatever materials you need.

    The Batch Importer tool can import new Materials collection members.

  • Recovery Methods: Defines part end-of-life dispositioning goals. Although the default members of this collection are reasonably comprehensive, any industry-specific recovery and disposal methods can be added. You may also choose to make some members inactive if, for example, you produce items that aren't capable of disassembly.

  • Part Types: Classifies parts according to their application, and defines their rules and custom properties.


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