Cancel a released part

You cancel an obsolete part record when it's no longer relevant to your product or process, and you want to ensure no one uses it inappropriately.

Cancel a released part record by adding it to an implementing change form's Affected tab, and then approve and release the change form.

You don't cancel a pending part iteration; simply remove it from the part (Item | Remove Object).

No BOM, source or reference child items are affected by canceling the parent part record.

Canceling a released part record iteration is very similar to releasing it.

  1. Create an implementing change form, such as an ECN.

  2. Drag the part that you want to cancel from the Item Explorer's Search tab or Previous tab to the new change form's Affected tab. The released part record iteration will automatically be flagged as requiring formal cancellation.

    If a part record has never been released, then you don't have to cancel it — simply delete it. Open the part, make sure it is the front-most window in the item workspace, and select the Item menu, Remove Object command. If you can't remove the record, it may have a relationship to another item. Before it can be removed, you'll need to first delete it from the higher-level items as shown on its Appears On list.

    See the Remove your part help topic.

  3. Submit the change form to an analyst for review, approval routing, and release (for the complete workflow, see How to work with change forms).


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