Remove your document

You can remove (delete) a pending document iteration from the database if it is not used by another unreleased document, part or change form.

  • If there's only one iteration of the document, then removing the iteration deletes the entire document record from the database.
  • If there's more than one iteration of the document, then only the pending iteration is removed. Any released or canceled iteration remains in the database.

If you are the document iteration's trustee or a document analyst, then you're permitted to remove the document iteration only while it's at the Pending release state.

If a document has no released iteration, and it appears on a pending item's References list, then it's blocked from deletion. You can remove the document from the system only after you edit the list to remove the document. Pending iterations appearing on a change form's Affected list must always be deleted from the change form before they can be removed from the system.

To remove a pending document record:

  1. Open the document. If the document record is already open and unlocked, then lock it by selecting Lock on the status bar, or pressing your keyboard's F2 key.

  2. On the Item menu, select the Remove Object command.

    The Remove Object command is applied to the active window. Do not select any other window. You cannot undo this command.


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