Use Markup Wizard

Open the window by selecting Tools | Markup Wizard...

The Markup Wizard provides powerful capabilities for revising one or more BOM or References lists in a single operation.

  • Add one or more child items lets you identify a list of items that must be added to a list of parent items.

  • Replace one child item with another item replaces one child item with another across multiple parent items. This is particularly valuable when you need to substitute a new part on every assembly where an old part appears.

  • Remove one or more child items is used to define a list of child items that must be removed from all parent items on which they appear.

After you've defined your new iterations, you can specify an implementing change form that will release them.

To use the Markup Wizard, you must be assigned a Roles member that includes both Documents: Is an analyst and Parts: Is an analyst marked as True.


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