Reset the administrator password

Reset the super administrator account password when all other administrator accounts or passwords have been lost. The super administrator can then log into the PDXpert client and update user accounts in the PDXpert client's User Management window.

Anyone with access to the PDXpert Application Server console can reset the super administrator account. A reset provides full administrative access to your system configuration and product data via the PDXpert client application. Ensure that access to your server computer is restricted to authorized users.

The super administrator account is assigned within the Collection Explorer's Persons collection. See the How to perform other tasks > Manage user accounts > Setting a user as the super administrator help topic.

On the PDXpert Application Server window:

  1. Click on the Manage tab.

  2. In the Maintenance area, click the Reset Admin button. The status text displays the super administrator account name and confirms that the password has been cleared.

    By default, the new super administrator account name is set to Admin. If the super administrator's account is authenticated to an Active Directory domain, then the user name is reset to exclude the domain (for example, engineering\lee is reset to Admin). If another user has the default name Admin, then the system will append and, if necessary, increment the super administrator's user name as Admin1, Admin2, etc.

You can now log into the PDXpert client application. At the client log-in window, type the super administrator's user name into the Enter your account name textbox, leave the Enter your account password blank, and click the OK button.


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