Appears On tab (document)

This is a view of where the current document appears within other items.

  • References The current document is used as a reference by the listed items. Reference documents — such as a requirement, specification or procedure — are often identified to support a design, production or inspection task.
  • Changes The list shows all change forms that include the document on their Affected tabs. You can include or exclude the change forms on which the item appears, using the lifecycle state filter buttons in the upper right.

To view higher-level items where

  • the current item appears, regardless of iteration, select the This Item appears on these: option.
  • only the currently-selected iteration appears, select the This Revision appears on these: option.

To open a listed item, double-click on its icon or select Open Item from the context menu.

Select any item to drag it from the list to any other location that accepts that class of item. To select multiple items, click on the first item, press the keyboard Shift (range) or Ctrl (individual), then click on another item.


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