Analyze a submitted change

  1. As the change analyst, you check the originator's work to ensure that the change conforms to your organization's change process.

    • The change form clearly and accurately describes its purpose using the General and Attributes tabs.

    • The Custom attributes, if any, are correct.

    • All affected parts and documents are listed on the change's Affected tab, and their releasing and canceling states are correct.

    • All responsible groups are listed on the Reviewers tab with the correct review assignments (Must act or Can act).

    • The appropriate observers are listed on the Observers tab.

    • File attachments, if necessary, are listed on the Files tab.

  2. After your review is complete:

    If an item on the change form's Affected list is open in your workspace, close it before processing the change.

    When you select Route for Approval, you may see a Processing Error window. Refer to the help topic How to work with change forms > Fix change processing errors to resolve the error.

    • If you're satisfied with the change form, route it to the group reviewer(s): Process | Route for Approval; or

    • If the change requires corrections then (a) update the change form as needed, or (b) return it to the originator: Process | Return to Originator; or

    • If it's no longer necessary, cancel the change form: Process | Cancel Change. The change can be deleted by selecting Remove Object from the Item menu.

When a routed change form is returned to the Submitted or Originated state, it contains information on who approved and disapproved the change. Previous reviewers' name and response will be cleared when the change form is again processed to the Routed state.


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