Add or remove approved sources

The Sources tab displays the organizations and part numbers that have been approved as sources. The source list is sometimes called an Approved Manufacturer List ("AML") or Approved Vendor List ("AVL").

Only a part record can be the source for another part. You can't drop a document record onto the Sources tab.

The rank number indicates the designer's preference of one supplier over another supplier.

You must first create a partner part record before you can add it to the Sources list. A partner part record is just like your home organization's part record, but shows the partner organization as the record Owner, and uses the partner-issued ordering number in the record's Number field.

You must be working with a pending iteration to modify the Sources tab. While the part iteration remains pending, all of your work is managed on the Markup list. After the part record is released using an implementing change form (such as an Engineering Change Notice), your source items appear on the iteration's Current list.

To minimize possible database conflicts, save and close all items that you'll be adding to the Markup list.

  • To add a source part onto a pending iteration of the part's Markup list:
    1. Click on the Sources tab and unlock the window.

    2. Scroll the Markup list, if necessary, to expose an empty area.

    3. Using the Item Explorer, locate the source part that you want to add to the part record.

      Although a source part typically has a partner organization as its owner, you can also use home parts as sources for other home parts.

    4. Drag the part from the Item Explorer and drop it onto an empty area of the Markup list. The icon in the Add/Remove column is and the child part is assigned a rank number.

      If you change your mind, you can remove the added row: select the row, and press your keyboard's Delete key or select the context menu Remove Item from List command.

    5. Modify the attributes on the Markup row as appropriate.
  • To remove an existing child part (one that was added and released on a previous iteration of the parent part) from the pending iteration's Markup list: Select the part, and press the keyboard Delete key, or select the context menu Remove Item from List command. The child part isn't actually deleted; instead, the "keep" icon in the Add/Remove column becomes a red "take off" icon , signaling that the part will be removed from the list when the parent part is released on a change form.

    If you change your mind, you can restore a row that's to be removed from the list: select Keep Item on List from the context menu.


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