Add or remove materials

The Materials list shows materials (chemical substances) that are used to produce the part. The list typically contains the substances that are regulated for safety or environmental compliance.

Materials values can be changed by the part trustee (and analysts) until the part is released. After release:

To add a material to the list:

  1. Unlock the part (F2 key).
  2. Open the Collection Explorer.
  3. Open the Materials collection or enter the material name into the Filter… box.
  4. Select the material, and drag the record onto an empty area of the Materials list.
  5. Enter the Quantity, Units, and Location values.
  6. Save the part.

To remove a material row:

  1. Click on the row selector (on the left) so that the selector shows ► and the complete row is highlighted.
  2. Press the keyboard Delete key.

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