Check in a file

When you check a file back into the library, your changed file replaces the library file. The file lock is freed so that others can check out the file.

  1. Use the Item Explorer to locate the item that contains the file. You can quickly view all files that you have checked out by selecting the Files tab of the Item Explorer. Open the item window, and select the pending record.

  2. Select the item window's Files tab, then select the Revision Files tab.

  3. Unlock the item window by pressing your keyboard's F2 key.

  4. Select the file that you have checked out by clicking on the filename.

  5. On the Tools menu, select the Files ➔ Check In and Free... command to open the Check File Into Library dialog. Navigate to the folder that contains the modified or replacement file, and click the Save button. The file is copied to the data library, and replaces the previous version of the file.

    The previous pending file is permanently replaced and cannot be recovered.

    The file in your local folder is not affected.

  6. Save your work to the server: Item ➔ Save (Ctrl+S) or lock the window (F2 key).


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