Recent items

The Item Explorer's Recent list shows items that you've recently opened.

Your most recent item is shown at the top, but you can sort the list by clicking on the appropriate heading.

If the Item Explorer is not shown, select the Item Explorer menu item from the Window menu.

  1. Click on Recent.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click on the item to open the context menu, and select the Open Item(s) command. You can select more than one row, and open them.
    • Double-click the item.
    • Drag the item from the grid and drop it onto any list that can accept it, such as dragging a part from the grid and dropping it onto an assembly's BOM: Markup list.

The column abbreviations are managed in these collections:

  • Owner: Organizations collection Display name

  • Type: Document Types, Part Types, Change Forms collections Abbreviation

  • Release: Item Lifecycle Phases collection Abbreviation


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