Allow partner parts on BOM

Before you begin editing a system rule, ensure that no other users are using the system. After you finish editing a system rule, restart your PDXpert client application before working with items.

Purpose §

Determines whether a bill of materials must contain only home parts, or can include partner parts.

Description §

True: A partner part — that is, where the owning organization is not the home organization — may be added to a BOM tab's Markup list.

False: Only home parts can be added directly to a BOM tab's Markup list. A partner part can be added indirectly to the BOM by creating a home part, adding the partner part to its Sources list, and then adding the home part to the BOM.

Data type §


Recommended or default value §


Details §

Standard practice restricts the BOM to contain home parts only, and never partner parts. This distinguishes BOM part requirements (the home part) from how those requirements are currently fulfilled (the qualified partner parts). Standard practice reduces production and servicing costs through part re-use, substitution, disqualification, and multiple sources.

The IPC-2570 standard doesn't expect partner parts to appear directly on the bill of materials. PDXpert's PDX package implementation exports the owning organization as an additional (non-standard) attribute.

Some manufacturing systems may not allow partner parts on the bill of materials. Before allowing partner parts, verify that downstream software systems identify parts using both organization and number.

When the setting is false, then importing a BOM file with partner parts will fail.


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