Setup: Documents

The Documents collections define attribute lists that reflect your documents.

  • Media/Locations: If all of your documents are electronic, and stored within the PDXpert library, then you won't need to identify either the media or the location, since these are handled automatically. Organizations with a lot of legacy paper may need this collection to keep track of their physical data.

  • Document Types: The number of document types is practically unlimited, and your actual list will depend on your industry and the types of data you manage. Many lists are available, but the majority (like MIL-STD-100, which is freely available on the web) may be overkill for most commercial organizations. Keep in mind that a document type is a basic attribute of your document, and cannot be changed over its lifetime. Therefore, your users should immediately understand the difference between various types you define, and shouldn't puzzle over whether they want to make a "fabrication" or "construction" document. You can define custom attributes for document types.


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