PDXpert web meeting

Get ready

  • Monitor/projector resolution: At least 1280×720 pixels
  • Web browsers: Use Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari. Your browser must support HTML5 video streaming.
  • Windows and Mac: There's a free native app to download and install.
  • Android or iPad: There's a free join.me download in the app store.

Full technical requirements for your computer.

Join the web meeting here: https://join.me/pdxpert-plm

Meeting audio

After you've entered the meeting, the phone icon lets you use your computer's audio or call by phone.

Web meeting computer audio or phone options

Selected phone numbers
United States - Boston, MA+1.857.444.6500
United States - Denver, CO+1.720.650.5050
United States - New York, NY+1.646.307.1990
United States - San Francisco, CA+1.415.594.5500
United States - Seattle, WA+1.206.636.0011
United States - Tampa, FL+1.813.769.0500
Australia - Central-West+61.8.7282.4006
Australia - South-East+61.3.8820.4056
Austria - national+43.720.881.959
Belgium - Brussels+32.2.808.8662
Canada - Edmonton+1.587.782.7458
Canada - Quebec+1.581.705.4251
Canada - Saskatchewan+1.306.400.1019
Canada - Toronto+1.647.977.2648
Canada - Vancouver+1.778.654.8779
Croatia - Zagreb+385.1.775.7101
Czech Republic - Prague+420.228.881.313
Germany - Cologne+49.221.982.0381
Germany - Frankfurt+49.69.9753.3131
Hong Kong - national+852.5808.1760
Hungary - Budapest+36.1.700.8899
Ireland - Dublin+353.1.531.4868
Israel - Tel Aviv+972.3.763.0434
Italy - Milan+39.02.9475.2989
Mexico - Guadalajara+52.33.4162.2240
Mexico - Monterrey+52.81.4770.1958
Netherlands - Amsterdam+31.20.808.3218
Singapore - national+65.3158.1842
Spain - Madrid+
Sweden - Stockholm+46.8.4030.9107
Switzerland - Zurich+41.43.508.1539
United Kingdom - Cambridge+44.1223.85.9774
United Kingdom - London+44.20.3582.4515
United Kingdom - National+44.33.0088.2634

Help topics

When using a PC or Mac, there are two ways to join a meeting: either from your browser or from a desktop app.