PDXpert bills of materials

Bills of materials are hierarchical lists of items that report to a common "parent".

PDXpert PLM offers an easy-to-use BOM markup process: simply search for your child item using the Item Explorer, and drag it onto the parent item's Markup list. It couldn't be easier!

  • Build hierarchical parent-child BOM relationships with unlimited levels
  • "Drill down" into any structure, and open child items to display associated design files from the data library
  • "Drill up" to show which assemblies use the current item
  • Assign a virtually unlimited number of items to any structure level
  • Define bill of materials attributes like quantity, units of measure and reference designators
  • Add, replace or remove child items across multiple BOMs using the powerful Markup Wizard
  • Roll up assembly costs, assembly weight, and material composition
  • Print bill of materials reports and export in Excel and Adobe PDF
  • Export bill of materials to downstream manufacturing systems in a variety of text-based formats including XML, CSV, tab-delimited, etc.
  • Share rich "PDX packages" with your supply chain partners that contain the multi-level BOM, all sources, file attachments, change forms and other assembly data
  • Trace the assembly's change history on each revision's Markup list
  • Release a new child item revision that automatically updates every BOM that uses it
PDXpert PLM software bill of materials Markup
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