PDXpert PLM software: Simple, flexible product lifecycle management

PDXpert gets you into PLM without busting the bank or compromising on the vital functionality that you need to get control over your data and processes.

- Anthony Lockwood, Editor, Desktop Engineering magazine

PDXpert product lifecycle management software helps to ensure that your organization's design information is accurate, reliable, controlled and available throughout the entire product lifecycle by efficiently managing product data and processes. PDXpert PLM software offers the most useful capabilities of high-end PLM software solutions, but without their complexity and expense.

A simple, affordable PLM software solution

PDXpert PLM software is a simple, flexible PLM solution that merges the principal features and capabilities from earlier product data management (PDM) systems, CAD data file managers, configuration management tools, and engineering drawing management systems (EDMS).

PDXpert PLM software is specifically tailored for growing companies to address these functions:

Other PLM vendors often make their PLM tools complicated, but our fast & easy system makes you an instant PLM expert. PDXpert PLM software requires only a relatively current computer with Microsoft Windows; we supply the application server and client software, and PLM database along with extensive help and training materials. As a result, PDXpert PLM software's simplicity, flexibility and low cost yields an ROI that can be up to 5 times faster than other PLM vendors' solutions.

PLM software review

We welcome you to compare PDXpert PLM software against other solutions in the PLM arena by downloading and installing our free PLM software evaluation. Download PDXpert PLM software now and your free, fully-functional evaluation can be running today!

Benefits of PDXpert PLM software

You'll see significant benefits using PDXpert PLM software:

  • Increase revenue by slashing design time and accelerating release and change cycles
  • Lower product costs by encouraging more collaborative design, eliminating many production errors and rework, and minimizing excess and obsolete (E&O) inventory
  • Reduce administrative overhead by simplifying regulatory and contractual compliance, and by reducing process administrative and clerical costs

View our video presentation Why PLM? Managing product data to improve financial performance. Then download PDXpert PLM software, and get higher revenues with a lower-cost product and reduced administrative expense.

What is PLM, and why do I need PLM software?

Product lifecycle management definition

Product lifecycle management (PLM) manages historical data, current approved configurations and planned changes relating to the definition, design, production, deployment, support and ultimate disposal of engineered products.

While any product life cycle can be managed with PLM software, complex engineered products (such as machinery, industrial measurement and control instruments, medical devices, automotive parts, communications and consumer electronics, and aerospace components) will especially receive the benefits of a PLM system.

Think of PLM as both (a) a central data hub for all information that affects a product, and (b) a communication link between marketing, engineering, manufacturing and field service. Your PLM system is where all product information from marketing and design comes together, and where it leaves in a form suitable for production and support.

PLM or product data management software?

If you've looked at PDM software in the past, you may now be wondering how PDXpert (or any other) PLM software is different from PDM software. We give you the answer here: PDM software or PLM software: what's the difference?

Time to escape your Excel BOM spreadsheets or Access BOM database?

Challenges of Microsoft Excel bill of materials spreadsheets

Smaller companies often begin their path to commercial product lifecycle management software by working with Excel BOM templates. These spreadsheet templates are easy to construct, and can be useful for a short period. But you'll begin to see the complexity and expense of maintaining BOMs using Excel after you have only a few dozen bill of material spreadsheets. Once you have over about 50 spreadsheets, the risk of expensive production errors due to clerical mistakes rises significantly. Learn the 10 pitfalls of Excel bill of materials spreadsheets.

Designing a Microsoft Access bill of material database

Developing your own Microsoft Access bill of material database may avoid many typical BOM spreadsheet problems, but represents an even greater investment in time and resources. Is it cost-effective to develop your own Microsoft Access bill of material database software?

PDXpert PLM software is an efficient, affordable alternative that has all of the features you'd include in your own PLM system, along with the user documentation, training, support and on-going upgrades that simply aren't feasible for "do it yourself" BOM database solutions.

Watch our short video to see how fast and easy bill of material management can be!

Using PDXpert PLM software as your configuration management tool

Smaller engineered product companies are often required by regulatory agencies or supply chain partners to develop a configuration management process. Adopting PDXpert PLM as your configuration management tool will help meet that requirement. The PDXpert PLM database can be configured to meet your company's specific configuration management requirements and industry CM best practices.

In addition, the benefits of an automated configuration management tool are available in a surprisingly simple and affordable solution. The PDXpert PLM database architecture is designed to scale from single users to medium-sized enterprises, requiring minimal IT support while providing flexible configuration management options.

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Our goal is to simplify your PLM experience through:

  • Easy, no-pressure PLM software evaluation and purchase
  • The best PLM software features for growing companies
  • Fast PLM software installation and intuitive system configuration
  • Affordable, no-haggle PLM software license prices with published discounts
  • Friendly, expert PLM configuration advice tailored to your needs

Our affordable PLM software is simple to use, flexible to apply, and improves your product data's accessibility and security.

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