On-line Help Guide

This topic is contained in the PDXpert help file, available from the application's Help menu (or press the F1 key). It describes the current PDXpert PLM release. Earlier releases may be different.


Thank you for selecting PDXpert as your product lifecycle management software. PDXpert provides your company with a simple, flexible and secure tool for managing your product data.

Product lifecycle management (or simply "PLM") is a methodology, as well as a tool, that should be tailored to meet your particular situation. Specifying PLM processes depends as much on your company's culture and customer or regulatory requirements as on the technical contents of design documentation and product content management. Since PDXpert offers you a great deal of flexibility, you should have some familiarity with both the general concepts (and alternatives) of PLM and the particular ways that PDXpert can be customized to fit your company's needs.

This help file documents all significant features of PDXpert. Some software features may not be available depending upon how your administrator has configured your particular installation of PDXpert.