Tasks (item)

Give yourself or others an informal reminder about preparing the item for release using the Tasks list. Whether you need to make sure of a design parameter, write a procedure, or call your supplier, you can enter the task and update it.

Tasks are requests, not requirements. Incomplete tasks do not prevent an item from being released. After release, the task is no longer relevant and is locked at its current status.

Assigned to §
This is the person that has been given a task. The task is made by dragging this person's name from the Collection Explorer's Persons collection, and dropping that onto an empty area in the list.
Due on §
The day when the task should be completed.
Status §

Shows the progress of the task:

    Not Started: When the task is given, before work has begun.
    In Progress: The assigned person is working on the task.
    Waiting on Another: The assigned person needs information from a different person to complete the task.
    Completed: The task is finished.
    Deferred: The task will not be completed for the current release, but may be considered for a later release.
    Canceled: The task will not be performed. The notes should discuss why the task is no longer useful.
Status on §
The date that the status was changed (managed by the system).
Priority §
Select the urgency of the task. The person's task list shows the highest priority tasks first, then the soonest due dates, and finally by the most-recently modified tasks.
Assigned by §
The person who gave the task (managed by the system).
Assigned on §
The day that the task was given (managed by the system).
Task description §
Describes the task.

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