Reset the database and library

The Reset System button overwrites the current database with fresh starting values, and deletes all file attachments in the library. This is useful when you're first evaluating PDXpert and, after finishing with your test data, you want to return to an "empty" database.

Your data and library files are completely and permanently deleted, and the system is restored to its default settings. If you need the existing data, back up the database and library files before you reset the system.

All users must close their PDXpert client application before the system is reset.

The PDXpert Application Server requires full control over its database. Do not add your own table, view, stored procedure, or other resource in the PDXpertDB database. Do not alter PDXpert tables, views or other objects. During an upgrade, PDXpert may drop or update tables, change stored procedures, or make other changes; it then clears and rebuilds all views and members of the Views collection. Make a separate database to hold your own objects.

Do not add files to the server's \Data\ folder or its subfolders. Unrecognized files may interfere with proper operation or may be deleted without warning.

If your system has been issued a software license key, confirm you have a copy before you reset the system.

On the PDXpert Application Server window:

  1. Select the Manage page.

  2. In the System changes area, click the Reset System button. When the warning is shown, clicking the Yes button will confirm that you want to overwrite the current database with new starting values, and clear the file library folder.


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