Modify a collection member

Other users should not be using the system while you're working. Close all item records in your workspace before you begin. Close the PDXpert client and start it again when you've finished.

Edit a selected member §

  1. Open the collection and locate the existing member.

  2. Open the member by double-clicking, or select Open Member from the context menu.

  3. You may be permitted to change certain properties of a collection member. To modify a member's properties, press your keyboard's F2 key, or select the Unlock icon in the status bar at the lower left corner of the window, or select the Edit ➔ Unlock Object main menu.

    Unlocking the item window

  4. Edit the member attributes.

  5. Do one of these to save your changes:

    • Menu: Item ➔ Save

    • Keyboard: Ctrl+S

    • Selecting the Lock icon in the status bar (or the F2 key)

    • Menu: Item ➔ Close

Set one member as the collection's default §

Every collection requires one default member. The default member must be active.

If you want to make the current default member inactive, first set another active member as the collection's default.

To set a member of the collection as the default member:

  1. Close all members of the collection.
  2. In the Collection Explorer, select a collection member that you want to set as the default.
  3. Right-click to open the context menu, and select Set as Default. The member name becomes bold.

Setting the default member of the Persons collection is the same as setting the Super Administrator.

The default member of the Organizations collection cannot be set here. It is set by importing the software license key.


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