Analyze a stopped change

A change form may be set to Stopped when a reviewer disapproves of its contents or intent.

As an analyst, you determine why the change form was disapproved and, in consultation with the disapproving person and the change originator, move the change form to the next appropriate lifecycle state.

Based on the reasons for the change's disapproval, you choose one of the following paths:

  • Cancel the change form (Process ➔ Cancel Change), which then lets you delete it from your system's history.

  • Reset the change form to Submitted status (Process ➔ Submit to Analyst), where you or a different analyst can either (a) rework the change or (b) return it to the originator.

  • Reject the change form (Process ➔ Reject Change), which stops further work and provides a permanent record of the original change as proposed.


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