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Menu icon PDXpert PLM Help §
Opens the help file to the best topic.
Menu icon Contents §
Opens the help file to the Contents tab.
Menu icon Index §
Opens the help file to the Index tab.
Menu icon Shortcuts §
Opens the help file to the Keyboard shortcuts topic, which shows function keys, Alt and Ctrl keys, and other tips.
Menu icon Setup Guidance §
Opens the help file to the Setup introduction topic, which summarizes the steps for configuring the software.
Menu icon Technical Support... §
Opens the Technical Support dialog, which contains PDXpert's support information. You can save the client log files from this window.
Menu icon PDXpert on the Web §
Launches your computer's default web browser, and opens the PDXpert website's home page.
Menu icon About PDXpert PLM... §

Opens the About PDXpert PLM dialog, which shows information about the application and your computer.

Use the checkbox to manage the PDXpert Error Reporting Service (PERS). PERS is an important tool for discovering unexpected behavior, analyzing run-time errors, and improving software quality. PERS never includes any of your product data. It includes the PDXpert profile, software environment, and .NET exception stack trace.


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