On-line Help Guide

This topic is contained in the PDXpert help file, available from the application's Help menu (or press the F1 key). It describes the current PDXpert PLM release. Earlier releases may be different.

Help menu

PDXpert PLM Help
Opens the help file to the topic that best describes the current window control.
Opens the help file to the Contents tab.
Opens the help file to the Index tab.
Opens the help file to the shortcuts topic, which describes function keys, Alt and Ctrl keys, and other tips for more experienced users.
Setup Guidance
Opens the help file to the Setup introduction help topic, which outlines the steps for configuring the software to meet your needs.
Technical Support...
Opens the Technical Support dialog, which contains PDXpert's support information.
PDXpert on the Web
Launches your computer's default web browser, and opens the PDXpert website's home page.
About PDXpert PLM...
Opens the About PDXpert PLM dialog, which contains information about the application and your computer.